Does Cloud Video Editing Make Sense for Pro Video

Screenlight by Richard Keating

It's hard to talk about software in 2012 without mentioning "the cloud". You've seen the ads from sofware vendors asking what your cloud strategy is? With all this hype, it's worth taking a look at the state of cloud video editing and the promise it could hold for Professional Video Editors.

First the dream. Imagine having instant access to all of your material without having to plug in a hard drive. Even better if you could access it on any computer, from anywhere in the world, with the ability to easily collaborate with others, right? No more backups, because this would done securely, automatically, and redundantly. How about transparently using clusters of computers to instantly render video, output it into multiple formats, and deliver it as easily next door as the other side of the world. All of this without having to invest in racks of equipment or worrying about upgrades.

Sounds like a game changer right?

While cloud video editing is improving day by day, I am not suggesting that the current state of cloud based editing even remotely approaches the offerings of professional desktop applications like Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, or Premiere Pro. There are some significant barriers that must be overcome before pro-video editing can move into the cloud. So, rather than compare apple and oranges, I think it needs to be seen for what it is – a promising beginning.

Cloud video editing could be a good fit for consumers looking to quickly create and share videos with minimal effort. Yet for video professionals, the story is more complicated. A fully web-based service could work well for some users, while hybrid solutions that blend a desktop program with online collaboration features may work better for others.

At the end of the day, the real answer to whether editing in the cloud makes sense depends on the particulars of your workflow... But for now, lets take a look at where things are at, and where they may be headed. read more...

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