Does Live Streaming Hurt or Help Church Attendance?

If you are weighing the pros and cons of outfitting your house of worship for live video production and streaming, take a look at this article. Spoiler alert - the article does advocate streaming services and events to boost engagement in on for more information and keep looking through our blog posts for more tips and recommendations for live streaming events.
From StreamSpot blog live streaming at church...In churches, there's generally a trend of three types of attendees: involved, dedicated members who attend each week and are the foundation of the congregation. A second group would include members who are occasionally active, but still truly valuable members of the congregation. The last group, considered the “Christmas and Easter Onlys," attend a few services each year. The great news is that live streaming equally engages all of these groups like no other medium from the church can, so even if congregants are not physically able to attend, they have an avenue to stay integrated into the church....[continue reading]

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