Dr. Andrew Cross: Now is the time for Software Innovation in the Broadcast

Dr Andrew Cross of NewTek, recently posted a great article with nescaststudio.com, covering the evolution of broadcasting, and how it is easier and more affordable than ever to create a high quality product. The advancements of technology in the live streaming arena mean anyone can throw their hat in and get to work on a pristine product at a fraction of the traditional cost.

The article is a great look at the current state of live sports production, newsrooms, and the difference between Non Linear and Linear editing.  We're taking a look at some highlights from that article, below.  

Live Sports Production

The general conception of streaming when it comes to live sports for the last fifty years was that a crew had to be on site, and for a major event this is correct.  However, for smaller sporting events, remote setups can be just as effective, as those working in the field are quickly discovering. 

The ability to live stream talent from anywhere means more events, more streaming and greater coverage of live sports.  

"What COVID did was reaffirm that we’re heading in that direction and force us to get serious about changes. For now we probably still need a camera operator on-site – although even that may change with affordable PTZ cameras and AI software with the potential to revolutionize the process even further."

-Dr Andrew Cross

News Rooms

One of the ultimate truths to come out of the last few months, is that some jobs can truly be done completely remotely.  Even in the news room space.  Automation has finally made its way into the news broadcasting space, making way for great innovation.  Software will be a key piece of bridging this gap.  

One such great innovation is the ability to produce at a cheaper level.  For the first time, everyone has access to the software required to produce a high level stream, with all of the elements of a televised broadcast.  This will ultimately change the way news broadcasting is done.  

Non-Linear vs Linear:

Linear and Non-Linear are two completely distinct different categories of production.  Non-Linear Editors made their way into the production space when performing high quality functions like multi camera shoots, and motion graphics could not be placed in real time.  

There is absolutely still a place for non-linear editing, which allows for canned video, production quality films and scripted shows to be created.  This will always have it's place in the landscape.  

However, linear, live video allows for real time coverage of time sensitive events.  In addition, an audience feels a connection and a level of interaction with your team, because they are living through the same moment.  

"A typical live show has a ratio of ten to one. If you shoot one hour, it’s going to take you ten hours to edit it. True live production is one-to-one, where a one-hour show takes one hour. If you can shave that down by a magnitude of 10, you’re talking about huge efficiency gains – potentially producing 10 times as much content or producing content at a tenth of the cost." 

Software is Now:

Software innovation is here and it is drastically improving the landscape in both linear and non linear production.  The power to create easily is here, and it's affordable.  The next step is to create a well oiled machine, and modernize broadcasting.  

Check out Dr Cross' full article, HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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