Dr. Andrew Cross of Vizrt Discusses how NDI and the Pandemic has Shaped Broadcasters

Broadcasters have been forced to change their approach to producing content, whether they like it or not. Newscast Studio recently sat down with Doctor Andrew Cross from NewTek and Vizrt to discuss the landscape of live streaming, how things have changed and what broadcasters should be doing to keep up.

One of the major contributions from NewTek to live streaming is NDI, an exciting protocol that allows for video to be sent to a production system over a single ethernet cable from anywhere on your network.

Whether broadcasters wanted it to or not, 2020 turned into a real-world test of cloud production. From it, new workflows and technology are emerging to allow for better creation and distribution of content.
In this episode, Dr. Andrew Cross, president of research & development at Vizrt, joins the Broadcast Exchange to discuss how the pandemic has shaped broadcast storytelling and what changes in workflows and toolsets might remain as more organizations look to the cloud. Plus, we talk about the democratization of broadcasting and how the changing toolsets are allowing new creators to become broadcasters.


Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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