Dr. Cross is AMPPed to lead Grass Valley and video production to the GV Media Universe

TheBroadcastBridge.com recently spoke with Dr. Andrew Cross who is now the new CEO of Gras Valley (GV). Dr. Cross formerly CEO or NewTek and President of Global Research & Development at Vizrt, now has a new vision with GV's Media Universe. "Cross's vision is to help customers move to the cloud without limiting them to on-premise hardware, either partially or fully," says TheBroadcastBridge.com. "And he wants to make that technology affordable and available to everyone."

Check out some important quotes from Dr. Cross himself. 

When asked about his new role as CEO at GV Dr. Cross said...

"At NewTek I ran the company, as CEO, and because of my background I was closely involved in product development as well, because I love that stuff. So, I’m very familiar with running a business, but at the same time Grass Valley is a company that makes products that we hope are going to help our customers make their business successful. You can’t do that ignoring products, can you? So, I’m going to run the GV business, but running the business and not paying attention to the products and how they impact customers is not how I plan to approach my job. What’s always driven me is how do you take great products and technology and have them make a difference for our customers."

When asked about NDI and how his knowledge of it will benefit GV's portfolio Dr. Cross said...

"I do think I bring a different perspective. With NDI we wanted to create a technology that was available to everybody and that our products and technologies allowed the video market overall to grow significantly. That’s what I would like to bring to Grass Valley, because I think GV has a portfolio of products that are fully capable of playing in a variety of market segments."

When asked about GV and its AMPP technology to the Cloud and the future of it Dr. Cross said...

"I see AMPP as the critical infrastructure that provides the oil that greases the wheels of production in many ways. You cannot build a TV station if every piece of it is an island. If you are looking to connect on-prem to the cloud, with different clouds, with remote production, AMPP is the infrastructure designed to do it.

When you come to see us at NAB you’ll see many of the pieces important to production already built on top of AMPP. It’s one connected ecosystem that we call the GV Media Universe. And it supports all of the existing products users already have, so this is not a disjointed platform. We’ve got this entire road map that takes you from the tools of today to the cloud processing (both on prem and in the cloud) everyone is so eager to get to. We believe in this path. Our goal is to take all broadcasters into the future and a big part of that future is AMPP."

Grass Valley will be at NAB 2022 at booth #C2107 and will be showcasing a wide rage of cloud, IP, and software-based workflows. 

Check out the full interview here

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