DSLR cameras that shoot video: The perfect all-in-one tool?

ConsumerSearch by Tara Tuckwiller

A few years ago, no digital SLR cameras shot video. Today, they nearly all do -- and full HD video, at that, as you'll see in our latest report on DSLR cameras. But don't sell your camcorder just yet. Yes, it's a tempting idea: After all, if you want the very best-quality still photos possible, experts say you've got to invest in a DSLR -- but a good one can cost $700 or more (much more). So why not make it do double-duty? Unfortunately, tests show that every DSLR suffers from at least one major flaw when it comes to shooting movies. Here are some common problems:

It can get uncomfortable. Camcorders have lightweight bodies, svelte soda-can shapes and comfy hand straps to make them easy to hold one-handed. DSLRs don't.

And although some newer DSLRs offer flip-out, swiveling LCD screens like a camcorder, most still just have the flat screen stuck to the back. "Having only a fixed LCD and no EVF [electronic viewfinder] is really like trying to shoot with one eye tied behind one's back" concludes Luminous-Landscape.com in an article titled, "Video DSLRs vs. Camcorders: The Dirty Little Secrets."

You'll probably have to buy more stuff. Unlike camcorders, DSLRs don't come with video lights, very good microphones or even zoom lenses, so you may need to pony up for some add-on accessories. read more..


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