DSLR Editing in Premiere Pro CS5

Vimeo video by Jason Levine

Hello friends! In this brief video, I'll show you the incredible power and ease of editing DSLR footage in Premiere Pro CS5.

As a worldwide evangelist for Adobe (and having toured, promoting this software to Press and influencers over the last 8 months) I was able to capture some nice footage along the way with my Canon 7D. Some of it is featured here.

The key to all of this: NATIVE DSLR EDITING. That's right. Straight from the camera to the timeline. No transcoding; no proxies. Full frame-size, mixed frame rates, all living together, harmoniously, in the Premiere Pro CS5 timeline. And what makes it all possible? The incredible new 64-bit Mercury Playback Engine. Oh, and Premiere Pro CS5 is a native 64-bit app as well now. ;) Watch the video

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