DSLR Editing Overview and Workflow Basics in Adobe Premiere Pro CC:


Adobe’s Jason Levine brings us up to date in a 3 part video overview on the new features and workflow basics that are available with the new Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Jason walks us through the basics of importing footage from your DSLR directly into Adobe Premiere Pro, selecting clips, setting In/Out points, and building a sequence.

Jason also shows you how to work with multiple formats/frame rates/frame sizes, all simultaneously, and demonstrates how the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine can be modified to optimize playback performance, no matter what kind of machine you’re editing on.

DSLR Editing Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Part 1: From the Camera Directly to Adobe Premiere Pro

Jason Levine shows how to leverage Prelude (the “Lightroom for DSLR video”) as the most efficient way to start your DSLR editing workflow. He showcases a best-practices workflow for selecting your media, ingesting, doing partial ingest, creating custom metadata fields, renaming files, transferring and transcoding your footage to editing standards like DNxHD, sub clipping, logging, and creating the basic rough cut that you’ll send directly to Adobe Premiere Pro. read more and watch the other videos...

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