DSLR Workflow in Premiere Pro CS5 - Keying, Time Remapping & Stills

Vimeo Video by Jason Levine

Hello again, my friends. The responses to the previous video have been overwhelmingly positive, and as such, I wanted to get a second one done to showcase some additional workflow tips.

One small caveat here: my screen capture has some glitches. This isn't entirely the fault of my capture program, but more than likely the fact that I'm running everything (OS, Apps, all HD-DSLR Footage) from the internal drive, and trying to capture my screen at a higher frame rate was just causing iShowU to freak out a little! ;p I tried to fix a few areas, but you may notice a few instances where my cursor and the 'sound' are a little out-of-sync, but again, I think you'll get the idea.

In this short video, I'll show you how to use the new Ultra Keyer in Premiere Pro CS5 to pull quick keys from your footage, even with unevenly lit green screen. Once again, the 'key' here (ha ha) is the fact that I'm running this process without rendering, leveraging the Mercury Playback Engine solely in software mode.

Following Ultra, we'll take a look at the Time Remapping feature (using a mixture of 60fps and 24fps footage), and then showcase the new Export Frame option, which very quickly allows you to extract a still from your video and continue working on it in Premiere Pro or even Photoshop CS5. Watch the video on Vimeo

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