DSLRs and Interchangeable Lens/Mirrorless Digital Cameras Buyer's Guide

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A digital single lens reflex camera used to reside in the realm of the still photographer. But the landscape changed in 2008 once the ability to shoot high-quality video evolved.

DSLRs have experienced remarkable improvements in capture quality, with sensor resolution now up to 36 megapixels (MP) in some of the latest flagship models. The DSLR models listed here can shoot video in HD - either 720 or 1080, and some in the highest 1080/60p mode.

The hallmark of DSLRs has been the availability of a wide variety of interchangeable lenses. We also have another category of smaller digital cameras with smaller interchangeable lenses - but lacking the mirror systems which made their predecessor DSLRs larger and heavier.

In this buyer's guide we break down the DSLR camera category by type of shooter - beginner, intermediate, and advanced user, and give you some tips on what to look for in each user category. For the smaller, interchangeable lens cameras we'll highlight models and features from the leading camera companies.

Beginner Range DSLRs ($500 to $1,000)

Important performance features to look for are: sensor size, resolution (MP), image stabilization (IS), sensitivity (ISO), HD video capability, included kit lens, viewfinder/LCD, size and weight. Sensor size is measured in millimeters, resolution typically ranges from 10-18MP, representing millions of pixels. The higher the MP number, the greater the amount of pixels defining each image. read more...

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