DSLRs’ Audio Limitations: Azden’s Newest Mixer May Be the Ticket

Videomaker by Richard Ober

We all know the important place that DSLRs now have in the world of video production. The versatility of these cameras, the ability to alternate between still photography and video at a shoot, the interchangeable lenses, large processors, and more, have all meant that DSLRs are an attractive option for shooting video.

At Videomaker we’ve written about a large number of these cameras and we continue to be impressed. But there has also always been a number of significant and important distinctions between prosumer camcorders and DSLRs and at the top of that list is… audio. Without an XLR input for recording sound, DLSRs depend on add-on accessories and/or separate audio recorders which then can, of course, complicate the work in post.

That’s where companies like Azden step into the picture.

Azden has just announced their professional low noise audio mixer designed specifically for DSLR cameras, the FMX-DSLR. We at Videomaker are looking forward to taking a closer look at this audio mixer and pairing it with the DSLR cameras we shoot with here. read more...

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