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Editing HDV, natively and otherwise. By Adam Wilt August 2004 HDV editing In the last episode of Technical Difficulties, we looked at editing long-GOP MPEG-2: video compressed not one frame at a time, but in groups of pictures. Long-GOP compression requires an NLE to fetch and decode multiple frames to display or edit only one-a considerable complication. I finished by saying, "I hope you now see why long-GOP formats are less than ideal for editing, and can understand why the Pinnacle Systems DC1000, brave as it was, didn't start a revolution. Still, HDV is long GOP, and folks want to edit it." Guess what? The revolution is here. At NAB 2004, Pinnacle Systems showed long-GOP MPEG-2 editing, including native HDV, incorporated in the Liquid NLEs, including Edition. When I experimented with it, I could scrub the timeline smoothly, almost effortlessly. As far as system responsiveness goes, I might as well have been editing DV, but the pictures displayed were long-GOP, high-definition HDV. Read the full article at DV.com

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