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DV doctorDVdoctor Inc began life as a series of self-help support forums and has now transformed into a fully-fledged site that promises to be THE place on the web to visit for anyone interested in video editing, DVD authoring, camcorders and all associated hardware, software and peripherals. Our site covers all sectors, from the mass-market low-end for complete newbies, right up to broadcast-pro level, and everything in between. At the high end, DVdoctor is working with Showreel magazine, repurposing its reviews and other articles. The all-new DVdoctor site and its expanded support forums are hosted on HEXUS.net – by far the most popular of the UK's PC technology web sites, with a wide reach of 6.1 million-plus unique visitors. Editorial direction is the responsibility of Bob Crabtree, one of three founders of DVdoctor - the others are John Ferrick and Paul Dutton. DVdoctor also works closely with David Ross, the founder and majority shareholder of HEXUS.net. Bob edited Computer Video magazine from its launch in spring 1997 until its closure before Christmas, 2004. Under Bob’s leadership, CV quickly established a reputation for editorial integrity and thoroughness that remained untarnished. Check out DV Doctor today!

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