DV Expo Report, Part 2

The past is prologue DMN By Charlie White dv expoHeading into Day 2 of DV Expo West, “the little show that could,† there’s plenty to write home about. With HDV the acronym of the week here at the L.A. Convention Center, mere DV camcorders are showing their stuff as well. Meanwhile, new ways to use and record digital video of all stripes are being refined before our eyes, with a cheaper DV Rack and an improved way to share projects over a network capturing the attention of your intrepid reporter and humble narrator. Here’s the first-hand scoop. As you may have already guessed, Sony was the star of the show here at DV Expo, with its shiny new HDR-FX1, the first 3-CCD 1080i HD camcorder to ship. Even though I’ve already praised this new camcorder on these same pages, allow me once again to extol its virtues. It’s a thrill to see fine-looking HD footage coming out of a camcorder this cheap – about $3500 street. Like the awe inspired by its ancestor, the pioneering Sony VX-1000 DV camcorder from 1996, the same feeling surrounds this newest of the revolutionaries – high expectations and hope were heaped upon this little bundle of plastic and silicon, and I predict we’ll see another sea change because of its debut. read more...

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