DV Guru Interview With Mike Curtis From HD for Indies (Part One)

MikeHD for Indies has quickly become one of the most important websites for digital filmmaking. Whether it be HD, DV, Apple or Adobe, the man behind the blog/site, Mike Curtis provides an experienced, thoughtful, unbiased, truly independent point of view, all the while learning and teaching with his readers. Mr. Curtis has been in digital media production for over 15 years producing content for everything from cell phones to Hollywood movies. He has recently partnered to create Color Cafe, a HD post-production house (based in Austin, TX) that has an emphasis on Color Correction with Indie Filmmakers in mind. My chat with him covered topics such as the future of HD; the positives and negatives of HD; how filmmakers can better plan their post-production workflows; archiving in the age of tapeless acquisition; Apple's Final Cut studio; Adobe; upcoming technologies whether it be camera's, codecs or software; and the list goes on. Because of the length of the interview, the conversation will span over two installments. read more...

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