DV Mag Best of '07

DV Mag Staff DV Mag Top 2007In the effort to make some sense of the amazing volume of new tools introduced (or delivered) in 2007 - from camcorders to codecs, from HMI lighting to DI color timing - we asked DV's top writers to each pick their favorites with the proverbial "indie filmmaker" in mind, resulting in this list. As some contributors lean toward production, some toward post and others toward distribution, each came at selecting their personal "bests" from a unique perspective, creating what we hope will be a useful tool in itself (running in alphabetical order by company) when it comes time for you to gear up for your next production.
  • Counting Down 30 Tools for Indie Filmmakers: 1-10

  • Counting Down 30 Tools for Indie Filmmakers: 11-20

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