DV Mag: Boris Continuum Complete 3.0

Effects and Transitions Plug-in Package Reviewed by Matthew Caldwell Boris Continuum 3 Many of today's editing and compositing apps offer a robust set of effects features, but they don't always keep up with the latest trends in VFX. Light effects, for example, have been in vogue for several years now, but few apps offer them as part of their standard tool sets. Then there's the "I want it right and I want it right now" factor. Although most NLEs and compositors make certain effects possible, their controls can sometimes either make the effect too difficult to produce a particular look quickly, or they lack the controls to achieve a certain level of sophistication with the effect. Therefore, many of us turn to third-party plug-ins such as Boris Continuum Complete 3. The Continuum Complete 3 package installs over 150 filters in the following categories: Colors and Blurs, Distortion and Perspective, Effects, Generators, Keys and Matte, Time, plus a new Lights category and Wipe Transitions filter set. Version 3 adds over 40 new filters to the package, adding new filters to every category except Distortion and Perspective. Most of the filters come with several presets and integrate Boris FX's Pixel Chooser matte generator, a gradient generator, and Continuum's new Motion Tracker technology. In many filters, you can either start with the default or a preset, tweak it to your liking, and save your own presets. It would be impossible to cover all 40 new filters in sufficient detail in this review, so I'll focus on the ones that may attract the most interest. read more...

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