DV Rack review

DV Mag by Bruce A. Johnson Dec 2004 Bottom Line DV Rack makes your laptop an essential tool on shoots. Thousands of dollars of hardware in a $500 software package. Video monitor with real bars, blue only, and more. Digital video recorder built in. Components can be arranged almost any way you want. DV Rack Serious Magic DV Rack puts a virtual rack of video monitoring tools on your PC. Although an LCD screen might not be the most ideal monitor, DV Rack on a laptop will allow you to greatly improve your video wherever you shoot. Serious Magic: DV Rack Isn't the auto mode great? I mean, really. I'm gonna be the next Tarantino, the next Rodriguez, the next Lucas-and as long as I engage auto on the camera, the pictures and sound will just magically get recorded! Yeah, right. Sarcasm aside, the fact is that no one ever got to greatness riding the auto switch. You really have to know how that assembly of titanium, plastic, lithium, and glass perched on your hand works, in order to get the best out of it. Many of the higher-priced cameras make it possible, even easy, to override the auto modes. They even provide rudimentary tools, such as audio meters and viewfinder zebras, to help diagnose and avoid problems. read more...

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