DVRack: Video Recording without the Tape

Toms Hardware By: Humphrey Cheung December 3, 2004 Serious Magic DVRack lets you ditch the Mini-DV tapes and record straight to your PC's hard drive. Installed on a laptop, it takes the place of many pieces of antiquated and clunky video gear that were formerly needed to ensure high quality video recording. GIGO - "Garbage In, Garbage Out" - is a common phrase in the computer world, but you may also hear it in video editing and production circles as well. Video editing can perform minor miracles in color correction and touchups, but even a master editor cannot fix horribly-shot video. You need high quality input to get high quality output. Serious Magic's DVRack promises to solve the problem of horrible video, by showing the videographer the advantages of vectorscopes, audio spectrum analyzers and other tools, but without their drawbacks. These devices have traditionally been expensive stand-alone boxes, but now with DVRack, their functionality is available on your computer. read more...

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