Easy GoPro Lens Correction with Avid Media Composer and Boris FX

Avid blogs by Kevin P McAuliffe

If there’s one “darling” company in the production world, it has to be GoPro. Say what you like about all the other cameras and tech equipment out there, but GoPro cameras have gone from being a niche product that only snowboarders and surfers used, to a product that’s used on almost every reality television program on TV today. I went to the GoPro booth at NAB 2014, and needless to say, it was a zoo. There were so many people there, you almost couldn’t move.

What does that mean for you, the Media Composer editor? You’re going to start seeing more and more GoPro footage in your timelines, and with that comes some inherent problems. With the shooting frame sizes getting bigger, and the inherent “fish-eye” look to the footage, you were always stuck using GoPro Studio to remove the fish-eye look, as well as converting the footage to whatever format you might need to edit in. Well, that has now changed with the FrameFlex tool, introduced in Media Composer 7, in conjunction with BCC9 from BorisFX. Take a look. read more & watch the video...

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