Edirol V-4: The Art of the Worship VJ – Part 3: Going Beyond Presentation Software

By Stephen Proctor - www.gi-inc.org

proctor_eng22_pict01Proctor concludes his 3 part series.

The art of digging is basically research. It’s going out and finding your media (images, loops, movie clips, etc.) One time while growing up in Arkansas, my dad took me on one of the coolest trips ever (and we went everywhere, we did it ALL – and we still do!). But on this trip, we went to the southern part of Arkansas to the diamond fields. We dug around in the dirt for most of the day, sifting through sand, mud, rocks and water in the heat of the summer, just to try and find a small glimmering rock. We never found one, but we saw many pictures in the visitor’s center that had lucked out. Searching for media is very much the same, though chances of great discoveries are much more likely and sometimes more rewarding than finding a valuable rock. All of this to say, it may take some sifting through some dirt and not-so-valuable resources, but that’s usually how you can find some great media for your worship gathering. A great place to start is online. If you don’t have the time to sift through a lot of material to find those amazing pieces, there are a few place that have already sifted everything for you. Here are two sites that I frequent: videoforworship.com & worshiphousemedia.com; I also recommend subscribing to COLLIDE Magazine. Recently, I’ve launched the Worship VJ Blog @ worshipvj.com as a place for worship VJs to connect, share ideas & stories, and equip each other with great resources.

The use of animated “motion lyrics” are just now becoming a popular trend. You might have seen these on the screens at Integrity Live read more...

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