Edirol V-440HD Is Perfect Fit at Regent University - TVT User Report

TV Technology by James Maurer
AV Systems Engineer
Media Services, Regent University


Regent University is an academic center for Christian thought and action, with a multitude of on-campus and online programs available worldwide. The Media Services team here at Regent University oversees the audio/visual equipment design, installation and maintenance in the university’s classrooms. We also take care of the audio/video requirements for the school’s numerous special events, such as commencement ceremonies, monthly executive leadership luncheons and other recurring events. With such a multitude of live events to cover, we needed a multi-format switcher that could accommodate a variety of standard- and high-definition video inputs, display full screen computer applications for teaching, and also provide such useful features such as keying and picture-in-picture.

Full Features and Affordable
tvt_regent_u_jamesmaurerIn our quest for a unit that could accommodate all of our varied needs, we were introduced to the Edirol V-440HD switcher and found that it was a perfect fit for our application. It had all the features that we had been looking for, and what was even better, the switcher was available at a very affordable price.

We installed our Edirol V-440HD in portable video rack system to make it easy to move around our campus for coverage of all the special events that our department serves. Most of our special events are streamed live on the Internet. Additionally, we have a campus TV channel that we use for broadcasting special events from venues where seating space is limited. read more...

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