Edit a Multi-Cam Shoot in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

Studio Monthly By Jacob Rosenberg Premiere Multi-camA successful multi-cam project requires attention to all phases of the production, especially how you set up your shoot. What you do first affects your ability to synchronize the material from multiple cameras in post. STEP 1: Create a Clear Sync Point by Clapping a Slate You need to first establish a clear sync point at which all of the cameras record the same thing before they record their individual shots. That sync point will be identified as the same moment in physical time, even though it exists at different tape positions in each camera that is recording. An excellent way to establish a sync point for multiple camera shoots is to clap a slate, like they do in the movies. This is the technique I used when recording the multi-cam footage for the companion DVD and images here. Point every camera at the slate and start each camera recording. Clap the slate closed, and then continue recording with each camera until you have recorded all of the necessary material. read more...

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