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DCP by Jan Ozer

Adobe Production Premium CS4A sneak preview of the wide-ranging new Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium (CS4).

Like the proverbial blind men and the elephant, everyone who touches Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium will experience a different product as they inevitably bend the myriad new features to fit their own projects and creative goals. We enlisted Franklin McMahon and Jan Ozer to give their perspectives on the new wide-ranging suite — which includes After Effects CS4 Professional, Premiere Pro CS4, Photoshop CS4 Extended, Flash CS4 Professional, Illustrator CS4, Soundbooth CS4, Encore CS4, OnLocation CS4, Device Central CS4, and Bridge CS4.

I'll have to complete many projects with Adobe's CS4 Production Premium to flesh out the details totally, but here's my first take. Note that this is a high-level first look of a beta product, not a knock-down, drag-out, take-no-prisoners review — which will come once we get our hands on a shipping copy. read more...

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