Edit Geek Thoughts on: The Future of Final Cut Pro & Post Production

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Thoughts On: The Future of Final Cut Pro
I’ve written a few times on FCP X now. I’ve shared a lot of thoughts in person, on the phone, by email and Twitter and in blog comments. I don’t think I ever witnessed a single product that has garnered so much speculation and dispute from such a wide range of voices. It is very reflective of the unusual spot that Final Cut Pro occupied – in both the highest end post-production world, and on the desktops of enthusiastic amateurs.

So now, nearly a month later, the dust is settling but there is still no clear conclusion about exactly what FCP X, who it is for, why it is what it is, or what it will become. read more ....

Thoughts On: The Future of Post Production
A year ago – even six months ago – there was no sign of dissruptive change in the film and television post production industry. Obviously things were changing, the highest-end gear was starting to make it’s way to the lower tiers (Smoke for Mac, DaVinci Resolve) but all that was changing there was the accessibility of existing tools for a wider audience.

Then something happened. Actually that something was two things in one. Final Cut Pro X…

The launch of Final Cut Pro X was both the unveiling of an entirely new approach to what we do, and also effectively the end of the line for one of the two mostly widely used NLE applications in this market. read more...

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