Edit Integrate Review — Boris Continuum Complete 3.0.2

VideoSystems By Frank McMahon ContinuumPlug-in workhorse delivers a full range of standard effects. Whereas other Boris programs such as Red have dedicated interfaces, Continuum has always been the one without the interface. Essentially it's a series of special effects plug-ins that work within the architecture/interface of the host program, such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Autodesk's Combustion. After several Continuum versions and updates, a great part of the set's progression is how tightly the plug-ins work within the host program. And that is really the beauty of the product. While some plug-ins launch into their unique interface, Continuum's interface melds seamlessly with the host software. There are no new methods to learn. Simply install, jump in, and create. read more...

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