Edit More Efficiently with Avid ScriptSync

Studio Monthly by Robert Bramwell Avid ScriptSync There’s nothing else like Avid’s script-based editing software ScriptSync on the market. Though it’s used by many Hollywood editors on scripted shows, it can be used for any transcribed project.

Step 1: Import Your Script

Avid’s script-based editing feature lets you edit directly from the script, and ScriptSync automates the process of matching text and media for you. To start, import the script— Final Draft or other ASCII text file— by selecting File and New Script in the project window. Locate the script file and double click to open. The script then appears in the bin list in the project window.

Step 2: Highlight the Dialog You Want to Match with Media

Select the span of dialog in the script that you want to sync with media. Do this by dragging or clicking on the mouse and scrolling to the end of the dialog you want.

Step 3: Drag and Drop Your Media Onto the Script

Find the media files and bins that coincide with the scenes in the script, then drag and drop them on the highlighted dialog. I cross-reference this from the script supervisor’s script. You can handle Group Clips for cross coverage the same way. read more...

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