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Scruffythinking by Kanen Flowers

Some artificial history, with a few good points

Imagine, for a moment, there is a piece of software. Let's call it "Edit Pro". This software has been going for years, steadily being improved, until it has thousands of features. It's a bit of a house of cards, and probably needs a major overhaul, but it mostly works and millions of people use it every day and love it deeply.

Now imagine, if you will, there's a competitor called "Avid". This competitor, over the last three years, has had major parts of its system rewritten and it works, without fail, all the time. Avid is less popular and less well known among the consumer market. Also, those who use and love it do so with an open mind and are willing to switch if something better comes along.

At this point, I am partially certain many of you are saying,

Willing to switch?!? You are insane.

I do not believe I am insane. I've spent time with dozens of Avid users.

They all have one thing in common: they are not fanatical about their tool, they are fanatical about their work and their results.

When you are not religious about your software, you are always willing to switch.

Enter -- Edit Pro SuperGood!

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