Edit Review — Avid Xpress Pro HD

Xpress Pro HDVideoSystems By Frank McMahon New features include multicam editing, one-step auto color correction, and Marquee. As a desktop editor, Avid Xpress Pro HD has a rich background and each new version improves on an already impressive feature set. One of the best features of Xpress Pro HD is that it supports multiple formats (now including 720p and 1080p/i) and is able to mix them all into the same timeline in realtime. For example, you can bring in native DVCPRO HD, DV50, DV25, Sony XDCAM, and Xpress Pro HD will handle all the conversion and scaling. Avid Xpress Pro HD supports import of DVCPRO HD footage over IEEE 1394; HDV support is planned as a free upgrade. read more...

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