Edit Review — Canopus Edius NX for HDV

VideoSystems by Steve Mullen Edius NXNLE/hardware bundle facilitates two methods of HDV editing. Canopus’ Edius NX for HDV, with included HDV Expansion Kit, lets editors employ either Intermediate or Native techniques on HDV material. With Edius NX for HDV, Canopus offers an HDV editing solution that allows editors to approach HDV material in a couple of different ways. Depending on their system's computing power and their working style, editors using Edius NX for HDV can employ either Intermediate or Native techniques. (In the July issue of Video Systems and here, see “HDV in the Real World† for an overview of four ways of editing both 720p and 1080i60 HDV. The four techniques are Draft, Proxy, Native, and Intermediate.) Edius NX for HDV ($2,098, including the HDV Expansion Kit) is a hardware/software bundle that facilitates HD and SD editing. The bundled software component of NX for HDV is Edius Pro 3 ($699 on its own), which is a highly enhanced version of the much beloved DVStorm NLE. (When used by itself, Edius Pro 3 uses an OHCI FireWire I/O port. The OHCI port can input and output DV/DVCAM — but not DVCPRO — plus 720p30 and 1080i50/1080i60 HDV.) read more...

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