Edit Review — Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro 6

LE6ProVideoSystems By Frank McMahon This suite works as a basic, easy-to-use editor and also excels as an all-around editing powerhouse. Pinnacle's Liquid Edition has blossomed into a very handy suite of software. You can now import just about anything into it, as well as export multiple SD/HD formats and DVD. At its heart it's a desktop editor, one that comes in at a really good price point — $499 for the regular software and $999 for the pro version (reviewed here). The pro version includes a USB 2.0 breakout box with tons of inputs and outputs covering just about every analog and digital format. The biggest news for Liquid Edition Pro 6 is support for native HDV. Liquid can easily import native HDV with no conversion needed. It smoothly and seamlessly incorporates an HDV MPEG-2 transport stream right into the mix. During export, no MPEG-2 frames are decoded and encoded except for at cut points and in effects sequences. read more...

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