Edit Review: Apple Final Cut Studio 2

DCP by Jan Ozer FCS2 ColorNew enhancements provide a more efficient workflow. Apple Final Cut Studio 2 is like the proverbial elephant and the blind man — your impression depends upon where you touch it. For this review, I'll touch Final Cut Studio 2 where I live and practice in the world of DV and HDV — not uncompressed HD and 4K — with an emphasis on getting long-form tutorials, weddings, and concerts done efficiently and well, rather than wreaking the last bit of potential creativity from a well-funded 60-second spot or full-length movie. Fortunately for me, and those who join me in this space, there's a lot to like about Final Cut Studio 2. Let me touch on some relatively self-explanatory items, and then dig into what I see as the most significant components of the new suite. I'll focus on Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and Color. read more...

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