Edit Review: Boris Continuum Complete 5

DCP by Franklin McMahon

BCC 5Venerable effects package keeps up with the times. Boris' package of compositing effects plug-ins has been around for years. Boris Continuum Complete 5 (BCC) comprises 180 filters, and it's available for Adobe After Effects (AE), Avid NLEs, and Autodesk Combustion. A new edition specifically for Apple's new FxPlug architecture means the package works with Final Cut Pro and Motion.

I looked at the AE and Apple variations of the plug-in package, which function the same on both platforms. Boris has added a handful of new plug-ins for the new version, and many of them alone are worth the price of an upgrade. The product has a huge array of effects in many categories, including lights, generators, colors, blurs, distortion, perspective, keying, mattes, and wipes. The group pretty much embodies bread-and-butter video effects plugs-ins. Many are basic starters that you go to again and again. Some will be duplicates or variations of effects that ship with your software; however, there are many in the group that are not found in any Apple or Adobe product. Also, several work with OpenGL, meaning that the load is on the GPU and not the CPU. Many effects shipping within a software program cannot claim this. The Boris plug-ins support multi-processor CPUs — again, the plug-ins you already have might not be multi-threaded. read more...Â

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