Edit Review: Canopus ADVC700

Digital Content Producer by Tom Patrick McAuliffe ADVC700Analog/DV format converter offers pro features. Like many of you, I cut my teeth in the video business more years ago than I care to remember. But I do remember threading up a 3/4in. video tape recorder, and I shot for years with S-VHS and Hi8 (Y/C signal) equipment. Then, the DV tape format and the IEEE 1394/FireWire/iLink digital transmission protocol came along and brought affordable digital quality within almost everyone's reach. But like most independent videographers, I have two persistent challenges. First, what to do with all the stock footage and projects on the old analog formats, and how do we preserve, store, and use those resources with modern equipment? And second, even with the popularity of the DV format, most broadcast stations and high-end post houses still prefer a Betacam SP tape (YUV signal). Thousands of videographers are in the same boat. read more...

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