Edit Review: CineForm Aspect HD

Digital Content Producer by Franklin McMahon CineForm AspectHDAdobe Premiere Pro software plug-in increases realtime performance. CineForm has created a software plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro that increases the power of Premiere Pro. Aspect HD allows you to edit multiple (two to six) realtime streams of HD. Sound too good to be true? I have to admit I was a bit skeptical myself. How can a software plug-in offer capability that traditionally requires an advancement in hardware and processing power? To find out, I loaded Aspect HD and extensively tested it on several HD projects. The results may surprise you. The installation was initially painless. The software generates a key that you have to send to CineForm; the company then sends back another key that allows you to activate and use the software. However, when I first sent in my key and got one back, it did not work. I tried this repeatedly, to no avail. After much troubleshooting, I took a screenshot of the software key and serial number, and sent it to CineForm. CineForm replied that the key was incorrect. When I was finally able to activate the software, I already had a chip on my shoulder: This software better blow me away after all this trouble. read more...

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