Edit Review: NewTek SpeedEdit

DCP by Tom Patrick McAuliffe Speed Edit NewTek’s SpeedEdit NLE provides not only a fast, intuitive editing app, but also a unique interface format that shows storyboard and timeline views simultaneously and supports simple drag-and-drop functionality. Until recently, most NLE software applications have followed similar workflow protocols. Now a company that helped to invent this industry has come up with a different way of approaching the NLE process. In the late ‘80s, NewTek created the Video Toaster, which helped usher in the age of computer-based video editing. SpeedEdit is NewTek's new standalone nonlinear editing application for HD or SD video on Windows XP and Intel-based Mac computer systems. NewTek calls SpeedEdit a “resolution-independent,aspect-independent, and format-agnostic† product and touts it as “the world's fastest editor.† I was more than a little curious and, frankly, skeptical. But, like so many other video creators, I'm making the transition from DV to HDV and I need what SpeedEdit supposedly offers. read more...

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