Edit Review: Red Giant Instant HD 1.0

Digital Content Producer by S.D. Katz Instant HDImage editor upscales SD footage into HD clarity. We have all upscaled images in Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Combustion, or other image editors, so we expect enlarging PAL or NTSC footage to HD to produce big, soft video. In Photoshop, applying Unsharp Mask is usually part of the recipe to increase the perception of detail, but if the images are video (as opposed to film archive material transferred to NTSC or PAL), the ringing at the edges of objects and other artifacts are accentuated. Fortunately, Red Giant's Instant HD 1.0 provides an inexpensive alternative to the standard (high-quality) bi-cubic sampling when upscaling, improving the way you enlarge your SD footage to HD. The Instant HD upscales an image (bottom) with better edge quality than the same frame using After Effects (top). read more...

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