Editing for Everyone

Video Systems By Bob Turner Oct 1, 2004 12:00 PM I recommend Adobe's Premiere Elements for the consumer crowd. Premiere Elements Around this time of year (from the start of school until Christmas), it is common for editors to be asked by friends and relatives what editing software they should purchase to edit school projects, home movies, emailed videos, etc. Premiere Elements breaks editing down into five steps for newbies: capture, edit, effects, titles, and output. There are clickable icons for each step on the top row of the desktop. The problem is that most professional editors have little to no contact with these types of software. Consumers need something extremely simple to use on home computers that frequently lack performance and have minimal RAM. These users need some canned effects, titling, a few editable audio tracks, and maybe compressed output for DVD or Internet streaming. Also, the price has to be very low, and it must be easy to learn. read more... Check out the new ADS Pyro AV Link API-555 - DV/Anlog converter now bundled with Premiere Elements for only $159.95

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