Editing HDV for TV with Avid Xpress Pro

Studio Monthly by Michael Grotticelli xpro hdvUsing Avid Xpress Pro HD on a laptop— plus an off-the-shelf USB 2.0 storage drive— a veteran field producer readies HDV footage for prime time. Art Donahue, a veteran field producer and photographer at WCVB-TV, the ABC affiliate in Boston, is well known throughout the New England production community for his 18 years of documentary-style TV reporting and his use of new technology to tell unique stories. He began producing segments for WCVB’s highly rated Chronicle series in 1987 with an Ikegami 79D camera and 3/4-inch VTRs. Since 1999, Donahue has produced more than 22 shows in HD for WCVB, the first in the Boston market to broadcast a digital HDTV signal. Two were shot with a full-sized Panasonic DVCPRO HD camera, two with Sony 1080i HDCAM camcorders and more than 20 shows with an Ikegami V90 with a DVCPRO HD back. read more...

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