Editing Pro Learns to Love FCPX

We're spotlighting editor David Tillman's experience with FCPX non-linear editing software. Read this pro's journey and weigh in on the results.

How I learned to stop worrying and love Final Cut Pro X

from Final Cut Pro blog Final Cut Pro User Experience blogMy experience editing with FCPX started, as so many things do these days, with an email. It was from filmmaker Tom Jennings, whom I have been working with on documentaries for several years. He had been approached about a potential new project – a show about the O.J. Simpson civil trial to air on A&E. I was to send over my resume, and oh by the way, the executive producers wanted the film to be edited with Final Cut Pro X. I stopped dead in my tracks. In the kind of way you do while reading an email. I’d never actually used FCPX before. But I’d heard things. The things I’d heard started with the backlash from the Final Cut Pro-loving community in 2011. There was the Conan O’Brien sketch that poked fun at FCPX later that year. The stuff I read on tech blogs and social media compared it to iMovie (the horror!) and was generally dismissive. Within a year, when it became obvious there would never be a Final Cut Pro 8, the NLE community picked up the pieces and moved on, like the crowd at a concert when the house lights come on and it becomes obvious there will be no second encore. . . [continue reading]
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