Videomaker by Brent Holland
Vegas Pro 8Vegas Baby! Sony's newest version of its pro-line editing suite offers professional quality, in-depth controls and an intuitive design. Plus, it comes packed with a high-quality DVD authoring program, as well as an AC-3 surround-sound encoder. Sound too good to be true? Let's open it up and find out.
First Look Opening up the blue box, we pulled out the paperwork and got straight to the main contents. Once the installation was complete, we were quickly informed that there is an update (8.0a, 113MB download). Based on past experience, we know that keeping the program updated is very important. We also updated DVD Architect to 4.5a (72.1MB download). Both updates took only a couple of minutes to run.
With everything in place, we opened the program and noticed right away the location of the timeline now defaults to the bottom of the screen, which differs from earlier versions of Sony Vegas. Other than that, the appearance is very much like previous versions. We're now ready to give it a test drive. read more...

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