Editing with Media Composer 8.5

editing with Media Composer 8.5Avid's Media Composer 8.5 update employs new workflow and organization features that Chandler Hutchison lays out in the article below. According to him, they're user-friendly changes. Get a handle on them here and if you are in need of of the update, you can renew your subscription at Videoguys.


Melrose Mac blog by Chandler Hutchison ...While it’s hard to top perfection, Media Composer has done it with the January 29th, 2016 release of their latest update: software v8.5. Here is a look at some (of the many) new features of Media Composer 8.5:

The menu is now reader-friendly and appealing

Perhaps the only thing worse than your favorite eatery’s menu having way too many pages, options, and information for food selections, is a menu that is just one page. The same holds true for software designed for the post-production world. In their recently-released version of Media Composer, the designers have completely reorganized and wonderfully simplified the editing application menu items by moving many of the individual items to now purposefully group them in a more logical, user-friendly location...[continue reading]
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