EditingWhiz G-RAID Review

EditingWhiz by Connor Crosby

In today’s post-production world, hard drives are vital. Because video resolution has gotten bigger over the years, so has the file sizes. This means that we need more and more space. But, for video editing, not all hard drives are ideal. Some don’t have the capacity we need or do not have a fast enough read/write speed. So, when looking for a new drive, it is important to choose the right one.

Personally, I have grown accustom to G-Technology. G-Tech offers several types of hard drives built for media producers. The drives range from mini, bus powered drives to big RAID drives.

While I was on the hunt for a new drive, I noticed Videoguys.com, an online video production and editing store, was having a sale on G-Tech G-RAIDs. $100 USD off the 4TB G-RAID, making it only $299. In the past, I used a G-Drive to store my media, so I thought a G-RAID would be a good addition. Plus, I shopped from Videoguys.com in the past and knew they had excellent products and customer service. (Videoguys Note: G-Raid 4TB is now on Black Friday Special $279!!) read more...

Check out these items featured in this post and available now at Videoguys.com.
G-Technology G-RAID 4TB eSATA, USB2 & FireWire $279.00 G-Technology G-RAID 8TB with Thunderbolt $799.95 G-Technology G-Drive with USB 2.0 & FireWire $165.00

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