Editor Vashi Nedomansky on Why Premiere Pro Makes Editing More Efficient and Fun


Editor Vashi Nedomansky explains why he uses Adobe Premiere Pro for cutting features, commercials and music videos. He says, "More and more so over the last five years it's been [Premiere Pro] almost 100% for me. With the transition into DSLRs and everything, I cut 'The Last 3 Minutes' for Shane Hurlbut, I cut 'Mobius' for Vincent Laforet. And these are all emerging technologies and new codecs and Adobe has always been there. As soon as we put in the codecs, we dump the footage in, I'm cutting. And that's the only platform that's allowed me as of now to do that. It makes my days shorter, it makes me work more efficiently, and actually have fun while I'm cutting." read more...

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