Editors Lounge Looks at Tech Trends

Editors Guild by Laura Almo

On Friday evening, March 22, with spring in the air, the 10th anniversary edition of the Editors Lounge Pre-NAB Discussion Panel convened at Key Code Media in Burbank. Billed as an opportunity for attendees to learn the panelists’ opinions about business and technical trends in a swiftly changing post-production environment, the evening did not disappoint. After in-depth discussion about the future of 3D, 4K, High Frame Rate, Multi-Screen, the Cloud, and the three As — Adobe, Apple and Avid — panelists shared their predictions and wishes for this year’s NAB conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, which runs April 6-11.

Moderated by Debra Kaufman, associate editor at Creative COW, the panelists included Terence Curren (editor/colorist and founder of AlphaDogs Post), Mark Raudonis (vice president of Post-Production, Bunim/Murray Productions), Michael Kammes (director of Technology, Key Code Media) and Dan Lebental, A.C.E. (editor of Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens, and creator of TouchEdit for iPad).

As in previous years, Kaufman began the discussion with a thumbs up/thumbs down poll of the panelists on several key trends. When 3D elicited a lukewarm response from the panelists, Kaufman asked why it is not as popular as some thought it would be, noting that not long ago 3D received several thumbs up. Raudonis said that it was important to make a distinction between the home and theatrical market, adding that in the three years he has had a 3D capable TV, he has watched about eight hours of 3D television. “The home market is absolutely dead,” said Raudonis. “Theatrical has more possibilities, but these are two entirely different experiences.”

When asked if 3D is dead, Lebental said it was not, but explained that with the need for specialized equipment and longer production schedules, it’s not always economically feasible. He added that conversions to 3D keep getting better, and that is another route to 3D. read more...

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