Editors Play New Reel in Final Cut Fiasco

MacNewsWorld by Richard Adhikari

With the release of Apple's Final Cut Pro X, Cupertino gave film editors something it regards as a pro-level tool. However, many editors disagree. They point to a list of apparently missing features, and now Apple's addressed the situation with an FAQ. But not all editors are satisfied, and a petition asking Apple to change its handling of editing software has collected thousands of signatures.

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has attempted to dial down the flack it's received since the release of its latest movie-editing application, Final Cut Pro X, by publishing an FAQ that addresses some of the editing world's edgier criticisms.

Meanwhile, professional film editors angered by Apple's recently released Final Cut Pro X video editing software are flocking to sign a petition asking for Apple to re-label the app and extend support for previous movie-editing software.

Apple last week announced the release of the US$299 video editing application on its Mac App Store.

However, many film industry professionals labeled the release a "prosumer" product and have heated up the Final Cut Pro X support forum with their remarks.

The imbroglio led Apple to post the FAQ to address issues brought up by the users.

However, this apparently didn't cool things down completely. Andrew Landini, who's been a professional film editor for about 10 years, posted a petition titled "Final Cut Pro X is Not a Professional Application" on the Web. The document was posted before the FAQ, and Landini continues to collect signatures. read more...

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