Edius and NewBlueFX Partner to Make the Most of Edius 8 Software

Check out this blog post we found on Newbluefx.com about the featured-packed Edius 8 software posted by one of their contributors Juan Mejia, a multimedia journalist and video editor:

Make the Most Out of Edius 8 with a Free NewBlueFX Suite


EDIUS 8 and much more!

We know the life of an EDIUS user is full of tight deadlines. That's why we've partnered up with EDIUS to provide you with a variety of time-saving plugins, powerful titling and OpenFX support. Let's take a look at what's inside this comprehensive pack of plugins and FX integrating technology.

Delivering the Titles You Need

As an EDIUS editor you're asked to create a range of titles for shows, newscasts and more. And now it's easier than ever with your free year-long subscription to Titler Pro 2.0. Titler Pro makes creating 2D and 3D opening titles and lower thirds easy with intuitive controls as well as 30+ built-in styles, animations and templates. See for yourself. Fighter3_1

Use The Plugins You Want With OpenFX Bridge

As you know, having all of your effects in one place is essential when it comes to saving time. The OFX Bridge gives you access to many OpenFX based effects and plugin, including Sapphire, Hitfilm and BorisFX. Import your favorite effects then change the effect parameters, preview changes in realtime and stack effects on top of each other all inside the OFX Bridge UI. Sapphirepreview11

Jumpstart Your Editing Toolkit

You may think you have all the effects you need but just in case, we're giving you a free sampling of effects and transitions. The NewBlue Starter Pack is a collection of four effects and two transitions that will help expedite your workflow. Here's a brief breakdown of what's included:
  • Active Camera: Simulate camera movements to imitate a jittery hand-held camera.
  • Bleach Bypass: Transform your digital video into an antique film.
  • Color Wash: wash away colors from one scene to blend and shift to the next.
  • Detail Enhancer: Sharpen image details by strengthening and darkening lines and edges.
  • Neon Lights: create colorful pockets of light by enhancing the edges of your video frame.
  • Roll: Roll from scene to scene by rolling one scene into the next.
Whether it's getting the story out on time or coming up with a high-end title design, EDIUS and NewBlue make it easy to access all the tools you need to keep pushing forward from day one. Check out OpenFX Bridge and the Sampler Pack now included in EDIUS 8. Read the original article here.

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