Edius Neo 2 Booster - Watch the Demo Video

By Gary Bettan

The folks over at Grass Valley have put together a nice littel promo video for the Edius Neo2 w/ Booster. If you have a Videocamera that shoots inteh AVCHD format, you will not find a more powerful and cost effective solution for editing! Which is why we named it one of our Top 10 products of 2009!

Edius Neo 2 w/ Booster is a light version of the full Edius 5 software. Unlike most light NLEs, Neo 2 isn't an oversimplified, dumbed down version. Neo2 is the exact same inteface and software as Edius 5, with a few features removed and not as wide a variety of formats supports. You can find a comparison chart on our Edius Neo 2 w/ Booster product page under the details tab.

Just how powerful is Neo 2 w/ Booster when it comes to AVCHD editing? Running on our DIY7 iCore7 machine we can get 3 layers of AVCHD video working in real-time. With the HD Spark hardware you can watch your video on any HDMI equipped HDTV, directly formt he timeline, in real-time!

Still not convinced Neo2 w/ Booster is right for you? Check out this video!
You can also download a FREE 30-day EDIUS Neo 2 Booster Software Trial

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