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Edius TipsI just found Frank Spangler's great site loaded with fantastic info about Edius Pro! You may be here because have heard the rumors about the real-time power of Edius. You may have read through the brochures, visited the web site, or even stopped by a Canopus booth at a trade show. You have probably wondered, "could it all be true"? Perhaps you have even sat down at an Edius system in the past, or downloaded a free trial version, only to come away from the experience frustrated and confused. You saw some "real time" things happening there and were amazed by that, but the interface left you a little "underwhelmed." It is very likely that Edius Pro is one of the most misunderstood software programs on the planet! Edius Pro is a video editing solution that promises great power, functionality, speed and an "easy learning curve". While the first three are true, the “easy learning curve† must only apply to those who are learning the program from the original Japanese manuals, because for most of the rest of us, “it just ain’t happening!† As a result, Edius Pro to this day, probably remains the biggest and best kept secret in the video production industry. Video editors are a busy lot, who are always under deadline crunches. Few are willing to take the time to muck around with a strange interface that doesn't play according to the rules. For those that are willing to set aside a few hours and give Edius a try, I would like to assure you, it is not actually as bad as you might think from first glance. With the right resourses, especially with the latest release of the software, learning a workflow in Edius can actually be quite easy. After working with the software now for over a year, I have to say that Edius Pro is more then just hype! The rumors that you heard are true! Edius is fast, flexible and powerful! The " Real Time" is really real! The next time you are out on a shoot and your client wants to see how something looks on your laptop with a few filters on it, you no longer need to be embarrassed while your computer renders out various options! Go ahead! Throw on some filters, drop on some transitions and hit the space bar! So, if you would like to discover new power and freedom in editing, but don't relish the idea of learning a new, poorly documented software program, we can help. If the manuals and help files are not "speaking your language", you have come to the right place! With a just a few quick tips, tricks, and tutorials, you can put this amazing product to work for you! The information at this and other sites that we will point you to, can get you up to speed in a few hours. Go ahead and fire up the program, poke around this site, and you too will soon be punching out projects with Edius. Anyone interested in or using Edius Pro has got to check this website out!

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