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Edius, from Canopus Grass Valley is one of the most powerful software programs available today for video editing. With its unique proprietary codecs, it is able to deliver real time, interactive edit sessions where other systems stutter along or need to be rendered to play. With a 30 day, free trial offer, you can take the program for a spin yourself and see how it works on your system. Whether you are video enthusiast looking for a good solution to edit your home videos, or a seasoned professional editor, you owe it to yourself to give Edius an audition. You'll be glad you did!

Ediustips.com was started a few years ago when I was making the transition from editing with Adobe Premier, to working with Edius. Edius was still early in its development and was suffering from a number of "growing pains". Still, I found it to be a very flexible and powerful program that delivered great looking video! In spite of some frustrations, I ended up staying with Edius and still edit most of my projects with it, even though there are many great options out there.

As a way to encourage others to take a serious look at Edius, I started posting some tips and tricks to help people get rolling with the program. I was amazed to see the traffic results, as thousands of visitors showed up! Years went by, and even though I was not able to keep the site current with the rapid development of the software, I was still getting an amazing amount of trafic. A number of readers have emailed me, asking me to bring the site up to date. As a result I have decided to spend some time and get the site current with the latest release of the software, Edius 6.x. More tips are on the way!


However, it should be known that Ediustips.com is not meant in any way to be an official manual on Edius. The information offered at this web site is for your consideration only. Due to the fact that every user will have a unique installation that is effected by hardware and other background software, actual results may vary! With each new revision of the software, settings and options can change, which may effect advice given in some sections of this site. No guarantees are offered or implied! Any work lost as a result of following suggestions, tips and tutorials found at this web site, is the hazard one must take when learning a new program and are sole responsibility of the reader! It is understood that the reader assumes all risks!

Also, it should be noted that Ediustips.com is NOT an official site of Grass Valley. It is not the intention of this site to in any way be an official "help desk" for Edius.

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